The works, originals belonging to private collections

Collectible plates in 1001 nights collection such as the Magic Horse, Simbad the Sailor, Sheherazade ...
Painting on 6 ceramic tiles, 20x20cm:"a tiger in the jungle"
Ceramic vase: "zebra head" 24cm high.
A ceramic plate: "leopard in observation" 35 cm diametre
Ceramic oval dish: "the arabian leopard at rest": 30cm long. It has been created for the exhibition with "Arabian Leopard Trust" in Dubaï
Porcelain plate: 30cm "tropical fish in Indian Ocean"
Ceramic vase:"head of oryx" 25 cm high, 20 cm large.
"Nut dish" in ceramic: 20 cm.
Ceramic dish: "head of tiger" 35 cm.
"Caracal"on a ceramic dish 25 cm
Rectangular ceramic vases: "oryx on blue sky" "leopard on green grass": 25cm high.